URS GLOBAL was founded 20 years ago to explore, conquest and dominate the energy market offering services to improve the companies’ infrastructure in a way never thought before, which means, innovating on ideas to develop logistic plans, sales through door to door CIF model (see more on the image below), engineering, operational support and, above all, Project Management.


Since then, the company has made partnerships with big players in order to expand its knowledge and so achieve the main goal. Today, URS GLOBAL is a big group with branches encompassing from local and International sales to engineering. With USS GLOBAL on local sales’ branch and URS Global Corp on international sales’ branch through EXW operation model, URS GLOBAL is more than capable to offer and provide the best technology over all operations in the offshore market, taking responsibility to upgrade and build up processes that will bring successful outcomes to its clients by means of delivering projects with the lowest cost, the best timing, and above all safety by the most efficient way.


1 - Safety                       

To best provide a service the company makes sure to create a safety environment so the personnel can develop the best work as to improve the operations.


2 - Integrity

In order to conquest the market, the company builds its trust by means of conducting business with client´s best interest at forefront with honor and in an honest way.

3 - Reliability

As to build reliability, URS GLOBAL puts client´s point of view at the forefront in all services provided, so to make sure the client gets the solution he needs

4 - Responsability

It Is the value that best defines URS GLOBAL´ way of providing services, because the company makes sure that all players in the group work as a team to best explore and so upgrade the client´s infrastruture as if it were its own ground.

Business Workflow Diagram Door to Door CIF